Peter Torpey – Media Scores


Assignment 1 – read the links below before class on February 12

The Rest is Noise– Alex Ross (Picador 2008) Read: Preface (page xv – xix)
Zero Hour: The U.S. Army and German Music, 1945-1949 (page 373 – 385)
Brave New World: The Cold War and the Avant-Garde of the Fifties (page 386 – 446)

Pierre Boulez – follow as many links as you can

Karlheinz Stockhausen – follow as many links as you can

Iannis Xenakis

John Cage
John Cage’s Silence – read as much as you can


Assignment 2 – to prepare before class on February 19

1) Check out books, scores, CD’s Priscilla’s office (E14-433B)

2) Study background of Stockhausen’s Gesang der Jünglinge

3) Compose short piece (1-minute or less) that is
inspired by, or comments on, Boulez, Stockhausen, Xenakis or Cage
(and we will guess the influences 🙂 )
Be prepared to share this in class next week (at Harvard)


Assignment 3 to prepare before class on February 26
(to be held from 10:30 am – 12:00 noon in Opera of the Future Mezzanine)


1) Read pages 12-147 and 162-457 in Peter Weibel’s Sound Art.
Multiple copies of the book can be found in Priscilla Capistrano’s
office (E14-433B) and borrowed to read.
And don’t worry, many of these pages are photos:)

2) Pick one chapter [and indicate on Google form here] to study
more thoroughly, including finding additional audio and video references.
Prepare to give a brief (ca. 5 minutes) presentation
on this topic at class on Feb. 26.

Note that pages 722-730 of the book contain an extensive bibliography
of references that will help you follow up on your chosen topic.

3) Continue to consult books/recordings from our “class collection”
to be found in Priscilla’s office.


Assignment 4 to prepare before class on March 4 (normal time/place)


Maryanne Amacher
** **

**** if you are so motivated, contact Thera Webb at MIT ACT to
explore Amacher materials in the ACT archives ****

Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Boston Symphony Orchestra concert (with Open Rehearsal)

Christine Sun Kim

** CREATE **

For class in two weeks (to be submitted by noon on March 11), please create another
mini-composition (of ca. 1-minute) that has a visual component of fundamental
importance to the piece project. The visual component could serve any combination of these functions:

1) A score used to create the piece
2) Visuals that document the creative/production aspects of the piece
3) A “hörpartitur” of your piece that guides the ear/mind while listening
4) other