Score: Stockhausen – Kontakte


February 5
February 12
Post WWII Avant-Garde
         StockhausenBoulezXenakis and Cage (1)
February 14 (Friday)
Nikhil Singh
Informal Workshop on Production Techniques
Informal Drop-In
2:00-5:00 pm
Opera of the Future, E14-333
February 19
S, B, X and C (2)
Special time/place
1:00-2:30 Harvard Electroacoustic Studio
with Stockhausen expert Hans Tutschku
2:45-4:00 Discussion
Directions to get to the Harvard Electroacoustic Studio
February 26
SoundArt (based on Peter Weibel book)
Special time/place
10:30am – 12:00pm
(OoF team in Barcelona via Skype)   
March 4
Maryanne Amacher and Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Christine Sun Kim
*March 5
Boston Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal
(morning) and Concert (evening)
March 11
Opera of the Future Deep-Dive 1
Death and the Powers and City Symphonies)
Ben Bloomberg and Peter Torpey
March 13
 MIT Symphony Orchestra performs a new version of A Toronto SymphonyKresge Auditorium
March 18
Opera of the Future Deep-Dive 2 (Classic Hyperinstruments
and Brain Opera) – Joe Paradiso and Will Oliver

6:00-8:00 PM
Informal Presentation of Project Pitches
plus good food & company
Opera of the Future 4th Floor Mezzanine

March 25
No class, Spring Break
April 1
Tod in Vienna; class shares “my favorite music-tech tool”
April 8
Class Projects 1
April 15
no class; Members Week
April 22
Class Projects 2
April 29
 Class Projects 3
May 6
Internal Final Presentation of Class Projects; discuss final tweaks; production details
         ** May 9/10 – NYC trip??? **
May 13
Preparation for May 16 event
May 16 (Saturday) – Final Event at Lyman Farm/Barn (Waltham)
Teaching Assistants
Hannah Lienhard
Manaswi Mishra
Karsten Schuhl
Class Producer
Priscilla Capistrano